Welcome to the Fox Cities!
Interest Groups

The Appleton Area Newcomer's Club was founded over 40 years ago.  We are a social organization for families and singles who are new to the area.  We also welcome new members who have recently had a change in lifestyle (for example, divorced or widowed) who need to find new friends.  Our activities are organized around the interests of the club members and provide a great way to meet new people!

As a member of the Newcomer's Club, you will receive a monthly electronic newsletter via e-mail with detailed information about our many activities that we host and coordinate.  You will also receive a member electronic directory to help you communicate with new friends as you participate in our monthly activities.  There are many interest group activities throughout each month, as well as a monthly social activity open to ALL members.  For a complete listing and details, contact us for more information. 

No matter what brings you to the Fox Valley, in the Appleton Area Newcomer's Club you will meet others who have experienced similar situations in moving to a new area and will welcome you with open arms!